Decorative Family Tree Prints

A family tree chart using gourds for people

Let Relation Creations turn your family tree into an artistic print. Our unique charts are designed to enhance the decor of any home. They represent people as an attractive arrangement of graphical objects, like pine cones or gourds, labeled with names and connected to each other with thin lines to show relationships. From a distance they look like decorative designs. Look closely and they are revealed to be genealogy charts.

Our Unique Prints

Our charts are printed on thick, high quality paper that is laminated with a thin layer of plastic that protects the print and enhances the colors. They measure twenty-four by thirty-six A diagram of a Relation Creation print inches and are available in portrait or landscape orientation. Portrait orientation is taller than it is wide, like the diagram to the left. Landscape orientation is wider than it is tall.

The 24x36 size is a standard size so is easily framed. Simple frames are available at superstores, like Walmart, while more elaborate frames can be bought at local art shops.

The diagram shows the main elements of a relation creation. In the center is the family tree drawn with graphical objects. At the bottom is a customer chosen title, and to the side are the birth and death dates of the chart's persons. Both the title and the dates are optional.

Family Tree Design Themes

Relation Creations' designs are built around a theme, which is chosen when ordering. Each theme includes graphical objects used to represent people, canvases the objects rest on, and borders that complement the colors of the theme.

The heart of a theme is the objects used to depict the family tree's people. Objects can be real, like pine cones and river rocks; abstract, like colored circles; or can be drawn, like flowers sketched with a child-like hand. Most themes use two objects placed together for married couples and single objects for the unmarried. Lines with arrow heads point to children. People's names are written on the person objects.

  • An example of object used for persons
    Person Objects
  • An example of a canvas with person objects resting on it
  • The lines that show genealogy relationships

The pictures above illustrate theme elements. The "Sliced Citrus" theme uses lemons and limes for persons. The "Autumn Gourds" uses a canvas made of leaves, which the gourds rest on. A small section of the "Abstract Circles" theme shows the thin lines that connect parents to children.

Choices for Themes

Our themes have choices so that a print can be ordered to match the decor of the room where it will be placed. Some themes offer a choice between several sets of objects used to represent people; most themes have choices for the canvas, which the person objects rest upon; and all themes have choices for the color of the border.

  • Choices for person objects in the Zen Rocks theme
    Person Objects
  • Choices for canvases in the Autumn Gourds theme
  • Choices for border colors in the Sketch Flowers theme
    Border Colors

Theme options are depicted above. To the left, the "Zen Rocks" theme, which uses stones to represent people, has three sets of stones: Light, dark, and light plus dark. The middle picture shows canvas choices for the "Autumn Gourds". The canvas of leaves can be yellow and brown, varied, brown, or yellow. The last picture shows possible border colors for the "Sketch Flowers" theme. They are dirt, forest, ruby, and gold.

Family Tree Files

We accept family tree charts as GEDCOM files and PDF forms.

A GEDCOM is a common file format for exchanging genealogy information. GEDCOMs can be written by most genealogy software, and most Internet genealogy research sites can export family trees as GEDCOM files.

We also offer PDF forms that can be downloaded, filled out with a family tree, and then uploaded to our site.

Ordering a Print

A family tree chart using gourds for people

A user account is required to order a relation creation. Registering is easy and there is no obligation to order anything. After creating a user account, family trees can be uploaded to the account.

A print can be ordered as soon as a family tree is uploaded to our site. When ordering, a theme is chosen. After that the theme's options, the person objects, canvas, and border color, are selected. Finally, options like a title, portrait or landscape orientation, and whether dates will be printed on the edge are specified.

After we design the relation creation, we will email an image for approval before printing.