Relation Creations

Our Mission

Relation Creations is dedicated to providing family tree charts that display genealogy and family relationships in a fun and beautiful way. We believe that a family's history and the connections between its members, living and dead, is something that should be remembered. In this modern world, where families are dispersed across hundreds or thousands of miles, the links between extended families can become tenuous. We aim to provide a map so that people, especially children, can see where they came from and how they are related to others in their extended family.

We believe the way to do this is to provide family tree charts that will be a nice decoration on the wall of any home. No staid, conventional charts that would only look good on the walls of a castle here. We produce bright, artistic charts with a variety of themes that will look fine in a modern home. Our goal is to make charts that at first glance look like an artistic print. Only upon closer inspection should a viewer see that the work is actually a family tree. All charts are a standard 24x36 inch size, in portrait or landscape orientation, that can be easily framed.

Our Company

We are a small company that is based in Utah, which is arguably the genealogy capital of the world. If you are interested in revenue sharing from selling or providing an advertising avenue for our products then feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact Relation Creations then use our "Contact Us" page. We value your suggestions, advice, and comments. We would be glad to hear from you.