Genealogy Links

Here we have assembled a list of links to genealogy sites that we have found useful. If you have a suggestion for a genealogy link then contact us.

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Learning Genealogy

Genealogy Research


    Free Genealogy Every Name Index Databases for those big old county histories, vintage yearbooks, directories, and other similar publications.

  • Family History Search - Free Record Look Ups

    We conduct in-depth records searching in the following areas: Articles, Bible Records, Books, Census Records, Cemetery Records, Deeds, DNA Records, Interviews, Manuscripts, Maps, Microfilm, Missing Persons, Original Documents, Passenger Manifests, Vital Records and more.

  • Family Tree Searcher

    Enter your ancestor information just once to search for family trees at multiple online genealogy databases. The site also includes hints for searching family history online.

  • Free Genealogy Search Advice

    Answer a series of simple questions and get free, customized advice on the most effective next steps in your genealogy search.


    Where Software Agents Monitor the Internet for Your Hard-to-Find Ancestors.

  • Genealogy Data

    Find online genealogy data to help find your ancestors.

  • Genealogy Finds

    Free genealogy help to find your ancestors and surnames in our FREE genealogy database of documents containing ancestors names for your genealogy research to gain insight into ancestors' daily lives.

  • Genealogy Helps | Free Genealogy | Professional Genealogist | Family Sites | Genealogy Databases

    Genealogy Helps, dedicated to helping find ancestors, search professional genealogists, and share genealogy through family sites.

  • Sirius Genealogy 2.0

    The leading Internet community for amateur and professional genealogists. Helping genealogists to improve their research process using technology.

  • Unlock the Past

    A collaborative venture that promotes history, genealogy and heritage in Australia and New Zealand.

Genealogy Site Directories

  • All Genealogy Sites Directory

    A large and categorized directory of genealogy sites.

  • Cyndi's List

    A huge list of categorized genealogy sites, services, and resources.

  • Directory Genealogy

    A directory of free genealogy resources including marriage, military, regional, free genealogy, genus, services, colonial America, military research, books, genealogy, census and more.

  • Genealogy Guide

    Genealogy guide featuring genealogy resources, genealogical libraries, genealogy societies, historical landmarks, family tree research, and more.

  • Linkpendium

    A large list of genealogy resources built by the founders of RootsWeb.

Professional Genealogists

  • Family History

    Professional and detailed research into your family history with personal attention by Richard Longden.


    A directory of genealogy professionals whose services are available for hire.

Surname Sites

  • Bringing Ackroyds together

    Ackroyd name research site designed to further our research, especially trying to establish a connection with Ackroyds in South Yorkshire to those in West Yorkshire.


    An online community for de Montbruns world wide. Are you a de Montbrun? Join us at

Genealogy Blogs

Fun Stuff

  • Make My Family Tree

    Discover our free family tree making guide, family art pages, ancestor legend stories, free genealogy resources, and much more!.