News and Changes

Coming Soon

  • New Themes

    We have two new themes coming. The first uses green leaves lying on rocks. The second is a mosaic flower theme that is halfway between our abstract and photorealistic themes.


  • 8/25/2012 -- Website Upgrade

    Upgrades to the back end of our website. This includes minor changes to the look and feel, including easier navigation. Bear with us as there may be glitches and issues with our new system.

  • 6/2/2012 -- Landscape Aspect Ratio

    We have had many requests for prints with a landscape orientation (wider than they are tall) instead of portrait orientation. Also there are options to leave out the title or leave out the names and dates printed around the perimeter of the chart.

  • 5/14/2012 -- No More Subtitles

    The option to choose a subtitle for a print has been removed from our ordering process. This was done do enlarge the space available for the canvas. It was also done in preparation for the addition of landscape aspect ratio prints and the ability to further enlarge the canvas area by removing the title or the information printed around the perimeter of the chart. We did not feel that subtitles added much to a print, and many people elected not to include one on their prints. If you would still like a subtitle then you can contact us after ordering.

  • 5/7/2012 -- Pinterest

    We love Pinterest. To all our pages with example images we have added a "pin it" button to the right of the page.

  • 5/1/2012 -- PDF Forms

    We now accept family trees as PDF forms in addition to GEDCOM files. Download one of our PDF forms, fill it out, then upload it to our site. Genealogy software or Internet genealogy research sites are no longer required. For more information visit our PDF forms page.