User Accounts

Accounts on the Relation Creations' website are used to store family tree charts uploaded to our site and to order prints. Registering a user account is free, easy, safe, and carries no obligation.

Registering a New Account

Registering is a simple matter of filling out the registration form, a link to which can be found at the top of our website, with an email address and a password. We only require the minimum amount of information to protect your privacy.

All user account interaction, including registration and ordering, on our website is protected with SSL technology, which encrypts all communication between our website and you with industry standard encryption. As an additional layer of protection, we do not store any credit card information on our systems. Instead we leave that to our payment processor.

Our Use of Email Addresses

We use your email address as a username so that you do not have to remember a username. Don't worry. We never share your email address with others.

When handling an order, we use email addresses to send a picture of the relation creation before we print it. This gives you a chance to approve the design or request a different one. We may also contact you as we work to fit your family tree chart into a relation creation if we have difficulties with your tree. See our page about suitable family trees for more information about what types of family trees are most appropriate to be made into relation creations.

Forgot Your Password?

For security reasons we encrypt your password when it it is stored in our systems, so even we cannot tell you what it is. We can create a new password and e-mail it to you. On the bottom of the log in page is a form to enter your email address and request a new password. New passwords are immediately emailed, so it should not take more than a minute or so to receive your password.

Uploading Family Trees

Once a user account is registered, family tree charts can be uploaded to our website, where they will be available for ordering prints.

Our page about GEDCOM files explains what software and internet genealogy research sites can be used to create family trees in GEDCOM format. Our PDF forms page has downloadable forms that can be filled in with a family tree. We accept family trees in either of these formats.

The "Uploading a Tree" page explains how to upload a family tree. Uploaded trees are added to a list of trees stored in an account. The charts contained in an account can be seen on the Account page.

The Account Page

The account page, which can be reached with the link at the top of our website when logged in, gives details about an account. This page can be used to change the account's password. Uploaded family trees are listed using the names they were given when they were uploaded.

The account page also lists the account's orders and their status. Each of the orders can be clicked to see the order summary that was shown on the shopping cart page when the order was made.