Abstract Circles

An abstract theme of colored circles. There are six circle hues to choose to portray the family tree's persons, and the circles are drawn in various shades of the chosen color. The canvas is white with a scattering of small circles of the same color as the persons. Large gray circle outlines are traced on the canvas to complete abstract art motif.

A theme used to make decorative family tree charts -- Abstract Circles


  • Person Objects: Orange
  • Person Objects: Violet
  • Person Objects: Sky Blue
  • Person Objects: Green
  • Person Objects: Blue
  • Person Objects: Red



Canvas: Orange Sprinkled Canvas: Cyan Sprinkled Canvas: Red Sprinkled Canvas: Blue Sprinkled Border: Sky Border: Lilac Border: Ruby Border: Burnt Orange
Canvas: Green Sprinkled Canvas: Violet Sprinkled Border: Forest Border: Aqua Border: Steel Border: Sun