We prefer to accept family trees in the form of GEDCOM files.

A GEDCOM file is a standard format used to exchange genealogy information. It was developed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Mormons, as an aid for genealogy research. Nearly all genealogy computer programs can write a family tree chart in GEDCOM format. Also the popular Internet genealogy sites used to research family history, build family trees and share them with others, can export charts as GEDCOM files.

For those who do not have their family tree in GEDCOM format, do not have genealogy software, and do not use Internet genealogy research services, we provide an alternate method of sending us a family tree. Our "PDF forms" page contains downloadable PDF forms that can be filled out with a family tree then uploaded to our website.

Free GEDCOM Software

There are many computer programs that can be used to make family tree charts. If genealogy software is not currently owned then we suggest trying one of the free programs below. The first two programs are free versions of retail software. The makers offer retail versions with more functionality, but the free versions should be sufficient for making family trees suitable for a Relation Creations' print.

Retail Genealogy Software

For serious genealogy research, one of the commercial software packages below should be considered. They are loaded with features to record detailed information about family ancestry. This list of retail software is not complete but includes most of the popular genealogy programs.

Some of the more sophisticated genealogy programs allow a family tree chart to be manually designed for printing by placing persons and marriages exactly where they will be printed on a sheet of paper. Relation Creations does not use these placements. We use the raw data that gives the persons, marriages, and parent to child relationships to produce an arrangement that is the most visually appealing using our designs. Since our charts are so different than the usual way of displaying family trees, a graph that is manually created with one of these software packages cannot be used by us.

Genealogy software can store a large amount of information about a family tree's persons, including pictures. Currently we only use names, genders, birth dates, and death dates.

Internet Genealogy Sites

There are many sites on the Internet where family history can be researched and the results shared with others. Some examples are listed below.

The family tree charts stored at these sites can be made into relation creations. To do this the tree needs to be exported to a GEDCOM file. Each site has a different way to export family tree data to GEDCOM format. Please use a site's online help pages for instructions on how to do this. After saving the GEDCOM file to a computer, it can be uploaded to the Relation Creations' website.

Often the family tree charts built on these sites are quite large, too large to fit into one of our prints. It is common for people to export a chart stored on one of them to GEDCOM format then use one of the computer programs listed above to prune the tree's branches to reduce the family tree to a size that is suitable for a relation creation. Read our page about suitable family trees to learn about what types of charts can be made into one of our prints.

Uploading Your GEDCOM File

Once a GEDCOM file has been created, either with a computer program or with an Internet genealogy site, it needs to be uploaded to our website. To do this create a user account by registering then upload the file. Our "User Accounts" and "Uploading a Tree" page explains how to register and upload your family tree.