Family Tree PDF Forms

In addition to accepting family trees in GEDCOM format, we provide an alternative method for those who do not have genealogy software and do not want to try one of the free computer programs listed on our GEDCOM page. The electronic forms, which are in PDF format, on this page can be downloaded, filled out, and then uploaded to our website.

  • Small picture of six generation ancestor chart form
  • Small picture of grandchildren bow-tie form
  • Small picture of six generation bow-tie form

Each of our forms is designed for a specific type of family tree and has a maximum number of generations. GEDCOM files do not have those restrictions. GEDCOMs can store more complicated charts and chart types than can be handled by our PDF forms. For example, we do not yet have a form for descendent trees. For most ancestor trees of a size that will make a nice Relation Creations' print, one of the forms below should work well.

The PDF File Format

We use PDFs for our genealogy forms. PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format, is a file format for electronic documents that was developed by Adobe. PDF documents can be easily viewed, printed, and saved, no matter what computer type or operating system is used.

PDFs are viewed using a computer program called a PDF reader. Several free PDF readers are readily available, and Adobe's reader is often pre-installed on computers. We list two free PDF readers at the bottom of this page. We recommend Foxit reader because of a limitation with Adobe's reader, which will be explained below.

Downloading Our PDF Forms

To save a PDF form to your computer so that it can be filled out later, right click the PDF link and select the save option.

To start filling out a form immediately, left click a link. This requires a PDF reader to be already installed.

Filling Out Forms

The forms are easy to fill out with genealogy data, but it may take a fair amount of time to enter information for a large chart. For each person in the chart, there are text boxes for a name, a birth date, and a death date. For each person enter a name and dates. Dates should be in "mm/dd/yyyy" format.

Persons that are unneeded can be left empty. The boxes for dates that are unknown or unneeded should also be left empty. If the chart is intended to be used for a relation creation without birth and death dates printed around the edges then dates do not need to be entered in the form.

After a family tree chart's information has been entered into a form, save the form. Saving to the desktop makes the file easy to find when uploading the file to our website. The "Uploading a Tree" page explains how to upload the form.

NOTE: There is a problem using Adobe Reader for filling out forms that take more than one sitting to complete. Adobe Reader only allows a form to be saved once. When a saved form is reloaded, this reader does not allow it to be modified again. A simple solution is to leave the computer on with the document open so the form can be completed later.

For this reason we recommend Foxit Reader instead of Adobe. After saving a form with Foxit, a form can be reloaded, more people can be added to the chart, and the form can be saved again. This can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Six Generation Ancestor Chart Form

Download six generation ancestor chart PDF

This form is for classic ancestor charts that start with a single individual then fan out to the individual's parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. Up to six generations, including the original person, will fit in the form. The spouse of the original person can optionally be included.

Right click and save PDF form

Grandchildren Bow-Tie Chart Form

Download grandchildren bow-tie chart PDF

This form is shaped like a bow-tie. A married couple is at the center of the family tree. Up to four generations of the husband's and wife's ancestors extend to one side. The other side has two generations of descendents, children and grandchildren. The spouses of each descendent can be included in the chart. This is a great chart for displaying a grandparents' family.

Right click and save PDF form

Six Generation Ancestor Bow-Tie Chart Form

Download six generation bow-tie chart PDF

This classic ancestor bow-tie chart has a married couple at the center. Up to five generations of the husband flare out to one side, and up to five generations of the wife flare out to the other. Including the center marriage, there are a maximum of six generations. Like all the forms, not all of the generations need to be entered into the form.

Right click and save PDF form

Foxit PDF Reader

Click to download Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit Software makes a small, fast PDF reader that gives users control of their documents. This lightweight reader requires less computer resources than other readers. As mentioned above, Foxit Reader allows a form to be saved then reloaded to be completed.

Foxit reader includes an optional toolbar. The installation of Foxit allows the use of the toolbar to be declined.

Download Foxit Reader

Adobe PDF Reader

Click to download Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe's PDF reader is the most common reader for most computer systems. It often comes pre-installed on new computers. As mentioned above, Adobe's reader will not allow a PDF to be partially filled out, saved, then reloaded so it can be completed. This seems to be an intentional limitation of Adobe's software.

Download Adobe Reader